~Algae peel facial 

Zena Algae Organic Peel is regarded as one of the most effective and gentle methods available. It enables you to combat a wide range of skin disorders on the face and body. You get the best treatment possible with Zena Algae Organic Peel. It can address a wide range of issues, including premature ageing and environmental damage, acne flare-ups, and a dull and patchy complexion.

Micro-spicules are a new technology that is currently being actively implemented around the world. They can only be seen under a microscope. 

Needles – Spicules contain antibacterial substances from marine organisms and have a porous structure that allows them to absorb the ingredients and transport them to the deepest layer of the skin.

Deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and a customized medical-grade treatment mask are all part of this Zena Algae Organic Peel treatment. After that, the treatment is finished with the application of specially selected serums, hydrators, and SPF.

*Schedule an appointment to receive a thorough skin assessment and determine the right facial and skincare regimen for you!

What are the benefits ?

  • Removes dead skin cells, tightens pores, soothes irritations, leaves skin clean and radiant, mattifies the skin, reduces dark circles under the eyes, and replenishes the skin's complexion.
    It aids in the reduction of inflammation and the improvement of local blood circulation.

  • Specially formulated to aid in the reduction of wrinkles in sun-damaged skin.

  • Melasma and hyperpigmentation

  • Stretch marks and post-acne scars are reduced by this procedure

How soon will i see the results?

Some people notice results right away, and your skin should feel better right away. The skin feels clean, smooth, and hydrated, and it reflects a visible improvement in health.

If your skin has more advanced long-term needs, such as treatment of skin ageing, acne, or hyperpigmentation caused by hormonal fluctuations or sun damage, results may not be immediately visible; however, skin health will improve as you follow the advice provided by us and continue your home-care regimen.

what should i expect after my treatment?

After your treatment you can expect to be red for the first 24-48 hours. Your skin will feel tight, become dry and between day 3-5 you will begin to peel. The peeling process lasts about 3-5 days and when its done you will be left with new, smooth, bright and rejuvenated skin.