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Radiofrequency is currently the best available technology for non-invasive, non-surgical skin tightening and cellulite removal. Radiofrequency treatments are used in aesthetics as a way to deliver intense heat to tissues deeper than the epidermis (the outermost layer of the skin), with the aim to boost collagen production, circulation and (optionally, depending on treatment depth) fat release from those tissues.

Radio Frequency  (also known as skin tightening) is becoming very popular because it helps remove fat, tighten the skin and improve tone, without any pain or downtime at all!


What is Radio Frequency ( skin tightening)?

Radio-frequency skin tightening is an aesthetic technique that uses radio frequency energy to heat skin with the purpose of stimulating cutaneous collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production in order to reduce the appearance of fine lines and loose skin.


How Does Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Work?

RF skin tightening works by targeting the tissue beneath the outer layer of your skin, or epidermis, with radio frequency energy. This energy generates heat, resulting in new collagen production.


What is the treatment like?

During treatment, an RF skin tightening machine will send alternating currents from the tip of an electrode to your tissue at a frequency between 0.3 and 10 MHz. This process bypasses the amount of melanin pigment present in your outer layer of skin, making the treatment effective for all skin types and colours.



Radio Frequency Skin Tightening on the Body

RF treatments can be used on areas of the body other than the face – including the neck, abdomen, arms, thighs, knees and buttocks. In some cases, patients undergo treatments for the purpose of body contouring, which reduces fat in addition to tightening sagging skin and wrinkles.


Is RF painful  and suitable for me?

RF shouldn’t ever be painful. you will feel a warming sensation on the skin, and under the surface of the skin. this should always feel soothing, comfortable, and even relaxing. it is a pleasant treatment to experience.

Radio Frequency carries a few restrictions, but it is suitable for most people, male and female. it can be used as a preventative and a corrective treatment.


What results should I expect to see? 

Some clients see results immediately, however some will need to wait 3 or 4 treatments to see noticeable results. Effects should include skin texture appearing smoother, contours of the face will appear lifted, and fine lines will appear reduced. Commit to a course of 10 treatments, and achieve the best results possible.


How many treatments do I need?

It is impossible to say how many treatments are needed as individuals cases different. As a guideline recommend 10 to 12 treatments, taken at a rate of once every 5 days to get the best results. After this, maintenance may be undertaken once a month.

The rewards for your commitment could be as follows;
Tighter, firmer skin, a lifted appearance and improved facial contours, inch loss in the body, improved skin tone, colour and texture enhanced metabolism, improved lymphatic drainage, leading to clearer, brighter skin.

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Skin Tightening Body

1 Session - $90
3 Sessions - $250 
5 Sessions - $400 
10 Sessions - $800