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~Acne facial 

Acne can be a difficult and stubborn skin condition to treat without some guidance from a skincare professional. At Beauty Wax Room, we can help you get on the right track with an acne facial. An acne facial can be used to calm the inflammation caused by acne and balance oil production that can lead to additional breakouts. The therapeutic benefits as well as the skin healing process help control the symptoms of acne and may benefit those who struggle with oily skin or rosacea.


The Acne Facial starts with a double cleanse and exfoliation to remove makeup, dirt, and debris from the skin. We combines active acne- fighting ingredients including Oxygen, and Salicylic Acid, along with the use of a High Frequency machine, and Blue Light Therapy to fix superficial imperfections to reveal the fresh, healthy skin underneath. We include an aloe facial massage along with a neck and shoulder massage, giving you maximum relaxation vibes! Extractions are done as needed, and a sulfur mask is applied to gently help absorb excess oil that may lead to breakouts.

*Schedule an appointment to receive a thorough skin assessment and determine the right facial and skincare regimen for you!

What Is The Acne Facial?

An acne facial for those concerned with blemishes and congested skin. Focused on clarifying pores, reducing inflammation, and balancing the moisture barrier through a sequence of steam cleansing, draining gua sha massage to flush out cellular waste and decrease puffiness, a gentle clarifying peel, Celluma LED light therapy to improve acne scars and prevent breakouts by killing acne-causing bacteria, customized detoxifying mask, hot towel, and high frequency treatment to generate oxygen within the pores, calm redness, and accelerate acne healing.

Who Can Benefit From The Acne Facial?

The Acne Facial is a perfect skincare addition for those who struggle with acne, oily skin, or rosacea.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

We can determine the number of treatments during your appointment. Regular facials for any skin type are beneficial in maintaining the health of the skin.