Laser Lipo

No Surgery, No Recovery Time, Just Results!

Laser Lipo is a revolutionary treatment that provides results for many

patients looking to lose a small amount of weight in a targetted area.

Unlike traditional liposuction which is costly and requires recovery time, Laser Lipo works by focusing laser energy on specific areas therefore shrinking fat cells.  With a healthy diet and regular exercise this can be a go-to solution for many folks who dedicate themselves to a healthy lifestyle but struggle with achieving the results they're looking for.

Treatment Details

Laser Lipo sessions generally last 20-30 minutes.  We provide a relaxing, calming environment while your treatment is carried out.  Patients are encouraged to exercise 30-45 minutes after each session.  While many patients start to see results after their first session, we recommend 6-8 sessions in order to achieve your desired results.  Walking, cycling, jogging will help stimulate your lymphatic system and enhance results.

Our Laser Lipo sessions are available as a standalone service or as part of our Cellulite Reduction Package or Hourglass Package.