• Exfoliate.

  • Taking a warm shower and gently exfoliating the skin prior to service will provide an easier exit of the hair follicles and ensure a smoother wax. 

  • Keep it clean. 

  • Don't apply any heavy creams, gels or oils to the skin before service to ensure the wax adheres properly.

  • Reduce pain.

  • Apply Numbing Cream 15-20 minutes prior and take an ibuprofen 30-45 minutes prior to service to dull the nerves and ease the pain.

  • Don't sweat it. 

  • Avoid heat related activities such as hot baths, steam rooms and tanning immediately before service.

  • Steer clear of stimulants.

  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol immediately before service. Stimulants in the system can cause the skin to be extra sensitive.

  • Avoid skin-sensitive medications.

  • Do not wax if you are on any skin sensitive medications such as Accutane or Retin-A. This may cause the skin to tear due to the heat of the wax.

  • Let us know if this is your first time waxing, have had previous adverse reactions to waxing, if it's that time of the month or if you're pregnant.  This will allow us to cater our service to your needs. 


Need to make a change?

No problem. Just give us a call as soon as you can and we'll do our best to accommodate you.  



It's normal. 

You may experience some redness, which usually subsides within 24 hours. If it was your first time getting waxed or have coarse hair, you may experience more irritation than usual due to the follicles being more rooted. Apply Vitamin E and Aloe Cream to reduce irritation and keep your skin soothed.


Let it breathe.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing, which allows the skin to breathe and minimizes irritation.


Don't sweat it.

Avoid heat related activities such as hot baths, steam rooms and tanning. Excessive sweat or heat may cause irritation to your freshly opened pores. Steer clear of foot soaks too if you've just had a lower leg wax. 


Keep it clean.

Avoid applying heavy creams, gels or oils containing any harsh chemicals that may irritate the skin.



Avoid shaving.

You'll have the urge to pick up the razor, but don't do it. Regular, consistent waxing will lead to regrowth that is softer and sometimes even sparser.


To eliminate ingrown hairs, it's vital to exfoliate your pores daily with an exfoliating wash cloth. 



  • Please make sure the areas you would like to do Laser Hair Removal on are shaved either the night before or day of as thoroughly as possible.

  • First time laser clients– please leave a small patch of hair unshaved on the area so that I can accurately determine your hair type and give you the best possible results.

  • Any high exfoliating facials or chemical peels must be done more then 72 hours before this appointment if you plan on having Laser Hair Removal on your face, as well any injectables (Botox, fillers, etc) must be settled for at least 1 week before doing Laser Hair Removal on the face.

  • Laser cannot be performed on sun burnt skin, so please limit your sun exposure or tanning beds 24-48 hours leading up to your appointment.


Once you have started Laser Hair Removal, you may shave between your sessions. You will notice the hair starting to fall out and not grow back in patches, this means the hair follicle has been killed and will not produce another hair.


You CANNOT WAX once you start your sessions, as the Laser machine targets pigment which is found in the root of the hair. If you wax you will be removing the root and stimulating further growth.


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