Why Wax?

Waxing, unlike shaving, removes hair directly from the root, leaving the skin nice and smooth for weeks. Regular, consistent waxing (every 4-6 weeks), will result in regrowth that is softer and often more sparse.


It's my first time, What should I expect?

Don't be shy, there's a first time for everything! Just tell your Waxer it's your first time and they'll walk you through the entire process step by step. Remember, since it's your first waxing, the hair follicles will be deeply rooted which can often take up to 2-3 waxing cycles for super smooth results.


How soon before my vacation should I get wax?

The recommended time to wax before any big event (ie. vacation, wedding, photoshoot etc.) is 2-3 days. This will allow any redness to pass. However, if this is your first time waxing, we strongly recommend completing at least 1 full waxing cycle before any big event to assess skin sensitivity, hair type and possible skin reactions/allergies. We would hate to see you head to your big day with irritated skin.


It’s the time of the month - Can I still Wax?

Absolutely - we simply ask that you wear a fresh tampon to your service. Keep in mind getting waxed right before or during your period may be more uncomfortable than usual as your hormones and sensitivities are kicking in. The best time for down-there waxing is mid-cycle.


How long does the hair need to be?

For best results, your hair should be approximately 1/4" long (5 weeks since your last wax or 4 weeks since you last shaved).


How often should I get wax?                                                                                                                The  recommended time between waxing is 4-6 weeks.

What about sex after waxing?

It is best to avoid friction and/or excessive sweat immediately after waxing as it may cause irritation to your freshly open pores.


Will I get put into any awkward position? 

Not at all. All of our services simply require you to lay on either your front or back.


Do you double dip?

Never. Proud to be Beauty Safe Certified since 2015, we always have, and always will ensure the highest level of sanitation and safety. Disposable waxing applicators, bed liners, pillow cases and gloves are used once and thrown out and tools are sterilized and packaged according to Health Canada standards. Read more about Our Standards.


What's the difference Brazilian, Deep bikini and bikini?

The Bikini tidies up the hair on the outer sides of the panty line. The Deep Bikini removes hair from the top and sides leaving just the labia. The Brazilian removes it all or you can opt for a little landing strip if you prefer some fuzz.

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